Shrikrishna Science Centre, Patna

 Science Museum "Srikrishna Science Centre" was established in Patna in the year 1978 which was named after the first Chief Minister of Bihar (Dr. Sri Krishna Singh). This institution forms a unit of the National Council of Science Museums, an autonoums body under the ministry of Culture. It is located at south-western corner of the Gandhi Maidan. The Science Centre has been set up with all round objectives for the benefit of the public, especially the students of Schools and Colleges
Popular Science

Making basic principles of science, easily understandable through some user-friendly exhibits, is the aim of the Popular Science gallery at SSC Patna. Energy Ball, CCTV Studio, Magic Room, Head without Body, Floating Ball, Tesla Coil and Vortex are examples of some.  


The gallery portrays the origin and evolution of life on earth under three sections: (i) Life through Ages, (ii) Evolution - Evidence and Mechanism, (iii) Ecology and Evolution. A model of a Dinosaur T-Rex is the main attraction of this gallery.  


The gallery depicts the mysteries of the Ocean starting with the mythological concept connected with the ocean, its origin and the vital features of its floor. The gallery also deals with Marine life, food chain, various resources etc. obtained from the ocean. The utility of the sea from the point of view of trade and navigation is also covered in this gallery.  

Children's Activity Corner

Hands-on Kits are spread out in this corner where children can play with them and learn some fundamental principles of science.

Mirror Section

This section is tailor-made to change the mood of the visiting public to a lighter shade. Mirror of various types, set at different angles, distort images of the visitor, who stand in front of them. Enjoyment is the immediate fall-out.

Photo Gallery of Dr. S. K. Singh

The glimpse of the Life and Works of late Dr. Srikrishna Singh, the first Chief Minister of Bihar, is presented in this gallery, through an array of panels containing rare photographs, for the visitors to admire.

Science Park

Playing with interactive exhibits and learning the basics of science, goes hand-in-hand in a science park. Outdoor scientific exhibits like Echo Tube, See Across the Wall, Body Runs Uphill, Sympathetic Swing and many others of the like are there in the science park at SSC, Patna for the visitors to enjoy.  


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