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IAS EXAM PORTAL : Public Administration Papers Topic : Development Dynamics

IAS EXAM PORTAL : Public Administration Papers Topic : Development Dynamics

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Public Administration Papers Topic : Development Dynamics

Posted: 17 Apr 2021 06:24 AM PDT

Public Administration Papers Topic : Development Dynamics

  • "The concept of development is multi - dimensional and ever - expanding." Explain. (20 marks 2010)
  • "People's participation is crucial to development  administration." Comment. (20 marks 2007)
  • "Development administration is starved for theories which will guide the pooling of empirical knowledge, orient new research, and recommend administrative policy." Explain. (20 marks 2005)
  • "In certain discourses, there is a reflected basic distrust against bureaucracy as an  instrument of development." Do you think bureaucracy is more appropriate for regulatory administration than for development administration ? In the changing profile of development administration in a liberalizing environment, what role of bureaucracy can I envisaged ?  (60 marks 2008)
  • Do you agree with the view that development administration has in recent years lost its impetus without making any significant intellectual breakthrough? Discuss. (60 marks 2006)
  • Indicate the milestones in the story of development from the Nehruvian Model to the liberalisation Model. (30 marks 2011)
  • "The market has become the new icon of developmentalism." Comment. (20 marks 2010)
  • Neither Edward Weidner nor Fred Riggs was able to describe the process of development administration adequately. Explain the drawbacks and weaknesses in their theoretical analyses. (30 marks 2011)
  • In organizational analysis, there is always gender around (Gouldner). Argue (10 marks 2013)
  • "For those who use the euphemism of 'shared power' for participation, the appropriate literature for guidance is practical politics and not organization and Management." "Stronger state and strong civil society are the need to develop both participatory democracy and responsive government as mutually reinforcing and supportive." Bring out the myths and realities associated with public participation. (20 marks 2013)
  • Economic reforms are a work in progress, with the state reluctant to fully relinquish its reins. Discussion of the statement with regard to the implementation of economic reforms in India . (15 marks 2013)
  • "The policy process was not structured in the way required by bureaucratic planning." "Arguably, instrumentalism now stands most in contrast to neo liberal nationality that impose market against both gradual change and democratic liberalism." analyses these two statements. (20 marks 2013)
  • "The term Development Administration can be used only in a broad sense to mark the variety of approaches and points of view." Discuss. (10 marks 2014)
  • "Self-Help Groups have not only empowered women, but have also brought about attitudinal change among all stakeholders towards women development." Discuss. (15 marks 2014)
  • Show in what way the Gender and Development approach differs from the W oman and Development approach. (10 marks 2015)
  • "Self-Help Groups are considered as one of the most significant tools to adopt participatory approach for economic empowerment of women". Comment. (10 marks 2016)
  • "The idea of development stands like a ruin in the intellectual landscape' and "It is time to dismantle this mental structure". (Wolfgang Sachs) In the light of the statement, Critically examine the anti- development thesis. (15 marks 2016)
  • "The problem is to achieve the right balance between a competitive market economy and an effective state: Markets where possible, the state where necessary." Justify your answer. (15 marks 2016)
  • "Development Administration and Administrative Development have a chicken and egg kind of relationship".-(Riggs) . Elaborate(10 marks 2017)
  • "Liberalization, Privatization and  Globalization  have transformed  the nature of development administration ." Discuss(20 marks 2017)
  • "Bureaucracy has inbuilt limitations to act as the prime catalyst to multi- faceted development in a democratic country". Analyze this statement with appropriate examples(15 marks 2017)
  • "The issue of development of women is closely related to the issue of women in development." How can women become equal partners in the process of socio-economic development? (10 marks 2018)
  • "The process of administrative development is generally slower than the p economic development." How can the speed of administrative development be made faster ? (10 marks 2018)
  • In order to be development-oriented, bureaucracies need to be innovative, flexible, citizen- centric and result-oriented, but they are slow in imbibing these virtues in a democratic system. Do we need to go beyond the traditional models of bureaucracy and create alternative structures ? Elaborate. (20 marks 2018)
  • How does ethnocentrism impact development administration in achieving sustainable goals ? Argue with examples. (20 marks 2018)
  • Contractualism has become a favorite policy of the neoliberal forces, but now without its share of controversy. Argue. (10 Marks, 2019)
  • "Development dynamics is marked by a dilemma : the concept of development has a built-in participatory orientation but the practice of development has been inherently exclusionary." Discuss. (20 Marks, 2019)
  • In a society marked by social inequity and gender inequality women self-help groups are bound to play a marginal role. Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer. (20 Marks, 2019)
  • "Markets, hierarchies and networks represent modem governing structures in government." Explain.(10 Marks, 2020)
  • Affirmative action in socio-economic development has not altogether eliminated discrimination. Discuss it in the context of women empowerment.(15 Marks, 2020)
  • "Collaboration and its cognates for public service delivery need to be viewed from the governance lenses." Comment. (15 Marks, 2020)


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Current Affairs MCQ for UPSC Exams - 17 April 2021

Posted: 17 Apr 2021 05:42 AM PDT


Current Affairs for IAS Exams - 17 April 2021

Posted: 17 Apr 2021 05:31 AM PDT

Model Questions for UPSC PRE CSAT PAPER SET - 59

Posted: 17 Apr 2021 04:33 AM PDT

Model Questions for UPSC PRE CSAT PAPER SET - 59

  Passage : Instruction for question- read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. Your answers to the questions should be based on the passage only.

In a sense, 2012 has the potential to be call important milestone; As of January, it has been more than 12 months since India recorded its last case of poliomyelitis. If 2012 passes without this record being disturbed, India and the rest of the world would have made significant progress toward eradicating only the second human disease ever. As with small pox, the primary tool that is being employed is a highly effective Vaccine. It is because of their tremendous public value that the famous economist Jeffrey sachs once
called vaccines and other similar health interventions 'weapons of mass salvation'. This potentially defining advancement in the battle against polio comes, coincidentally, at a moment
of reckoning for vaccines and immunization. In May 2011, 'the decade of vaccines collaboration' was lunched at the World Health Assembly. With a Variety of stakeholders- ranging from United Nations agency to multilateral bodies, national governments to philanthropic institutions- this efforts hopes to maximize the power and potential of vaccines over the next decade, and expect full benefits of immunization to everyone.

1. Which of the following groups work in marketing de- partment?

(a) B, A, C
(b) B, G, E
(c) H, B, E
(d) None of these

2. In which Department does B work?

(a) Marketing
(b) Production
(c) finance
(d) Data Inadequate

Direction: Eight member A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H belonging to three families X, Y, Z go for weekend outing in three different cars I, II, III four out of the eight members are females members of any one family travels in different cars. Each car has at least one male and one female member. Each family has at least two members. A belongs to family Y and he travels in car III. D is wife of E and they travel in cars I and II respectively. H is son of B who is wife of G and they belong to family Z, C is daughter of F, who is wife of A.
C travels in car II, G does not travel with F.

3. Which of the following groups of persons travels in car me?

(a) D, F, G
(b) D, E, G
(c) D, G, H
(d) D, F, H

4. Which car has only two members traveling in it?

(a) I
(b) II
(c) III
(d) II or III

5. Which of the following members of families Y and Z travel in different cars?

(a) F, G
(b) C, G
(c) F, H
(d) C, F

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(Getting Started) Minimize Negative Marking and Maximize Your UPSC CSE Prelims Score

Posted: 17 Apr 2021 03:04 AM PDT

(Getting Started) Minimize Negative Marking and Maximize Your UPSC CSE Prelims Score

Application For Civil Services Exam Should be Treated as an Attempt: UPSC  Tells Centre

Students Taking UPSC CSE Prelims0

As the UPSC Civil Services Examination Prelims are approaching, a lot of the aspirants are worried about their performance. Among preparation worries, the unpredictable nature of UPSC, along with the negative marking involved, also leads to anxiety in many. 

What is a good attempt? How much does one absolutely need to score to crack prelims? These are questions that worry the best students out there. In this article, we try to ease the pressure a bit on aspiring Civil Servants.

How Much Must You Score To Qualify?

Take a look at the upsc preliminary cutoffs for the past 5 years –





































PwD 1






PwD 2






PwD 3






PwD 5






Last 5 Years Cut-Off For UPSC CSE Preliminary Exams

As you will notice, the cut-off ranges from 95 to 115 (with a slight deviation in 2016). It is always best to consider the upper limit as no matter what, you do not want to fall behind. Thus, your target should always be scoring 120+. That is a safe score, and unless the paper set by UPSC is dead easy, which is improbable, you should be able to sail through to the mains exam with a 120+ score.

How Many Questions Should You Attempt?

Keep in mind that the preliminary exam is qualifying in nature. So, you only need to worry about crossing the 120 marks. Now, in order to do that, you need to understand your accuracy.

What is "accuracy"?

Your accuracy is the percentage of questions you answer correctly over the total number of questions attempted. In order to determine your accuracy, you must take at least 20+ mock tests during the last 90 days before your preliminary exams. The most accurate percentage will be calculated at the final stage of your prelims preparation, which will be the last 60-90 days before the prelims exam. Your scores in mock tests over the years will only help you reach this state through proper analysis.

Calculating Your Accuracy

Suppose, on an average, in a mock test, you attempt about 80 questions. And you usually end up with 65 correct answers. That puts your accuracy at roughly 81%. Thus, to score a 120, you must attempt around 75 questions. The process is further illustrated in the image below –

Once you have analysed your accuracy percentage, simply put it in this equation and find out your targeted attempts –

What Not To Do?

Here are a couple of things you should most definitely not do if you want to qualify –

  • Your accuracy will not drastically change on the day of the exam – stick to what you know. Do not give yourself undue credit or criticism.
  • Do not make uninformed guesses. Intelligent guesswork is a part of cracking the paper. But randomly marking answers just because of a gut feeling will most definitely be your downfall.
  • Do not force yourself to attempt any more than you have to. You might think it gives you a better chance at qualifying, however, all it will do is rack up your negative marks and drag down your score.
  • Do not panic. It is okay to fall short by 20-30 questions of your targeted attempts. That is where intelligent guesswork and option elimination comes to play. UPSC sets papers where an aspirant will not know more than 30-40 answers with 100% surity. The rest of it will be dependent on how cool you can stay in such a stressful situation, and use your logical reasoning to answer to the best of your abilities. That is the test they want you to take.

By keeping these few tricks and tips in mind, you should be able to clear your preliminary exam with flying colors and get further towards achieving your IAS dream.



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(VIDEO) US Troop Pullout From Afghanistan : Rajya Sabha TV Big Picture Debate

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  • Dr. Sreeram Chaulia, Foreign Affairs Expert

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(VIDEO) US-Russia: New stand-off : Rajya Sabha TV Big Picture Debate

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  • PROF. HARSH V PANT, Head, Strategic Studies, ORF

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उत्तर प्रदेश राज्य GK प्रश्न (सेट -31) for UPPSC Exam

Posted: 16 Apr 2021 09:46 PM PDT

उत्तर प्रदेश राज्य GK प्रश्न (सेट -31) for UPPSC Exam

1. राजीव गाँधी पेट्रोलियम प्रोदोयोगिक संस्थान स्थित है ?

a. अमेठ में
b. रायबरेली
c. जगदीपुर
d. जायस में

2. उत्तर प्रदेश की सर्वाधिक लम्बी नहर है ?

a. निचली गंगा नहर
b. केन नहर
c. शारदा नहर
d. घाघरा नहर

3. उत्तर प्रदेश में राष्ट्र कथक संस्थान स्थित है ?

a. आगरा में
b. वाराणसी म
c. कानपुर में
d. लखनऊ म

4. उत्तर प्रदेश में शस्य जलवायु क्षेत्रो की संख्या है ?

a. 5
b. 7
c. 11
d. 9

5. उत्तर प्रदेश में सर्वाधिक क्षत्रेफल वाली  आम की प्रजाति है ?

a. चौसा
b. सफेदा
c. लंगड़ा
d. दशहरी

उत्तर प्रदेश PSC (Preliminary) Exam (GS Paper-1) स्टडी किट

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